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New Construction homes in Jacksonville Florida

Moving into a brand new home is one of life's true pleasures. You don't have to live with the previous owner's decorating scheme, the walls are newly painted, the appliances are sparkling clean and the carpet is free of dog hair and grime. You also have the opportunity to select a floor plan that suits your lifestyle, choose the tile and cabinets and convert that extra bedroom into a study or crafts room. In other words, your new home is truly an extension of your personality.

If you're in the market for a new home, there are many exciting developments springing up in the Jacksonville, Florida area. You may be tempted to purchase one of these new homes without using a real estate agent, but I strongly advise against doing that. Read on to find out why you require a qualified and experienced Jacksonville Florida real estate agent if you want trying property at highly competitive rates.

10 reasons why you should use Gina LaBarbera when purchasing a newly-built home in Jacksonville Florida

  1. Many people think they're going to save the agent's commission if they buy directly from the builder, but it's not true—you may even spend more money! Builders have already figured in the cost of an agent's commission in the price of the home. Without a professional real estate agent like Gina looking out for you, you are at the mercy of the on-site agent, who is working to make the most money for the builder.
  2. The friendly on-site agent is not your financial friend. He or she works for the builder and does not care whether your floor plan, site location or amenities are the ones that best meet your needs.
  3. Is a highly experienced real estate agent who has been dealing with myriad properties -- both residential and commercial -- in and around Jacksonville Florida, Gina understands what you want in a home and she'll make sure your home suits you. She'll help you select the right home in the right area, with the floor plan and the upgrades best suited for you.
  4. Gina will advise you as to which styles, amenities, upgrades and extras have the most resale value.
  5. Through her years of real estate experience in the Jacksonville area, Gina is familiar with the different builders and can recommend the ones who have the best reputation for quality, timeliness and customer service.
  6. Gina will negotiate and review the sales agreement to ensure that all your requests are met at the best possible price.
  7. Gina will recommend an independent building inspector who will make sure that everything is built to code and no corners are cut.
  8. Gina will represent you during any disputes that may arise with the builder.
  9. At closing, Gina will review the contract to make sure that everything that was promised is delivered.
  10. Gina's goal is not to just sell you a home—it's to find you the right home!

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New Construction Homes in Jacksonville Florida

New Construction Homes in Jacksonville Florida

"As a mortgage professional, I have worked with many real estate professionals,  and this includes many experiences with mutual customers of Gina LaBarbera. Gina takes wonderful care of her customers from very beginning to well after closing. Gina has a personal touch and understanding that can make the experience of home buying a "dream come true". I have been fortunate to see Gina do it over and over!   Not only is Gina charming and a pleasure to spend a day with searching for your dream home, she is truly a professional with a sound knowledge of real estate, and has tenacious contract negotiation skills!   I have financed Gina's customers purchasing builder sales, and I have also financed customers who have come without a realtor, purchasing the exact same type of property, floor plan or condo unit directly from the same builder. The contracts are significantly different in purchase price, closing costs paid by the seller, and other concessions from the seller/builder. Gina's customers always seem to come out far ahead!   When buying real estate, whether an existing home or new construction, I would always recommend Gina LaBarbera to save you money, protect yourself in your contract negotiation and make your home buying experience a pleasant one!"

-Erika Hall - Loan Officer with SunTrust Bank